Who We Are & What We Do

Camden County Pop Up Library (CCPUL) is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You don’t need a library card, you don’t need to pay. We bring books where libraries don’t go and give them away!

We have uncovered a strong need to read in our communities. The response from our readers has been overwhelmingly positive. We serve all of Camden County and parts of Gloucester County by spreading literacy and setting up local Pop Up Libraries (PULs). If you search “Pop Up Library” on the Internet, the results will vary tremendously. Here you can learn what a PUL is and why they’re important.

Our PULs are run by volunteers that act as “book foot soldiers” and take on the role of Pop Up Librarian. The more CCPUL Librarians, the more PULs, the more books CCPUL can put into the hands of the eager readers in our areas! Here you can learn more about becoming a CCPUL Pop Up Librarian!

Here is a schedule of our regularly scheduled local PULs.

We distribute books of various genres and lengths for children, teens, and adults. All books in our inventory are donated. Contributions range from single books to hundreds at a time and all are appreciated and make a difference! Here you can learn more about making a donation and making a difference.

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We connect to our communities in more ways than just PULs and collecting book donations! Angela’s Corner is a new essay initiative themed “Why We Read.” We invite our readers, Pop Up Libraries, and supporters to submit essays about why they read to be featured on Angela’s Corner. Check it out here!