Pop Up Library Movement

People we call Pop Up Librarians are setting up book donation and giveaway stations in various accessible locations to encourage individuals of all ages and from all walks of life to read. These stations, or Pop Up Libraries (PULs), come in the form of mobile carts, book boxes set up outside of businesses, in bins at bus stops, and on vans or buses parked on bustling streets. PULs are literally popping up all over!

The Pop Up Library Movement is a creative and proactive response to library closures and a lack of funding for education and the arts, which has led to decreased engagement in reading all over this country. This problem permeates all communities, but especially those that are more poverty-stricken. What’s important to note is that decreased engagement does not mean decreased interest, it means decreased opportunities! The effect PULs have had on individuals and their communities is proof that even the most unlikely of readers are enthusiastic about and grateful for this newfound direct access to books.

Camden County Pop Up Library (CCPUL) wants to help you join the movement and make a difference in our community. You can help in various ways: donating funds or supplies; following our website, our social media accounts, and spreading the word; or becoming a Pop Up Librarian!