Book Overflow

We’re happy to announce we currently have more books than we can store! We’ve limited book collection to these high-demand categories.

Not sure if your books fit these categories? Send us a message.

  • Any and all books in Spanish
  • Authors: Patterson, Cussler, & Koontz
  • Bibles & other religious texts
  • Children’s books
  • Comic books & magazines
  • Dictionaries & thesauruses
  • Self-help books
  • Skill-building and GED books
  • Soduko, crossword & other puzzle books
  • Sports books

Donate books and supplies.

All of the books in our inventory are donated! We distribute books of various genres and lengths for children, teens, and adults, and each and every book makes for another reader in our community. 

We also accept plastic bins, cardboard boxes, and wooden crates for book transport, storage bins for book storage, vehicles and folding tables for Pop Up Library setup, and wood, paints, tiles, and hardware to build our Book Arks.

Other Supplies

We’re give away more than just books. We collect art kits, gently-used instruments, clothing, and other supplies. If we can’t use it, we pass it on to one of our local partner organizations who can.

Donate money and time.

Every donation is of incredible value—your support provides the necessary resources to better serve the readers in our communities and make our mission a reality.

We rely on your generosity to facilitate transportation, storage, book inventories, The Book Ark Project, marketing, events, and partnerships.

Ways to Donate

Checks made out to CCPUL mailed to:

P.O. Box 501, Collingswood, NJ 08108