We accept and greatly appreciate donations of any kind! In order to grow Camden County Pop Up Library (CCPUL) and contribute to the Pop Up Library Movement, we need your help!

So many wonderful individuals, groups, and organizations have made a huge impact and furthered our efforts in the most profound way!

We accept book, supplies, monetary, and vehicle donations!

We need as many book donations as possible, and each and every book makes for another reader. We’re looking for books for all age groups that cover all interests and of all genres. Due to popularity, we especially need:

  • bibles
  • dictionaries and thesauruses (preferably paperback but all are accepted)
  • children’s board books
  • how-to draw books
  • James Patterson books
  • John Grisham books
  • Books of all genres and levels published in Spanish

We accept monetary donations via PayPal or check mailed to [address].

We hope to eventually have at least one of our PULs on wheels and a van is optimal for mobility and storage!

In addition to all of the above, we accept plastic bins for book storage and will certainly take any school supplies, canned goods, or clothing donations to pass along to our affiliated organizations.