Pop Up Librarians

The response we have received from our readers has been overwhelming. We have uncovered a demand in our community that is strong. As word spreads about Camden County Pop Up Library (CCPUL), our demand for Pop Up Librarians grows. Although we have books in the bins, we need boots on the ground! More PULs means more books distributed and brings us closer to our goal of making reading accessible for community members of all ages and from all walks of life.

We at CCPUL have realized firsthand that one of the most rewarding things to witness is the joy that people radiate when they walk away from our PULs with a book under their arm for themselves or for a child.

Pop Up Librarians can be individuals or entire groups, including but not limited to families, youth groups, or men’s/women’s clubs. Send us a message to inquire about or express interest in becoming a CCPUL Librarian. We’ll answer whatever questions you have and help you get started! In running your PUL, you  have complete freedom. We supply the book inventory, suggest locations, and get you up to speed on peak days and times for those locations. We always encourage our Pop Up Librarians to take a few pictures when the moment’s right and give them the opportunity to write about their experiences and contribute to our newsletter!