Thankfully, we have an overflow of books; what we really need is boots on the ground. We provide the book inventory, suggest locations, and equip you with some handy tips.  Here’s how you can join the CCPUL team and increase access to literacy in your community. 

Pop Up Librarians

Pop Up Librarians can be individuals or groups, such as families, youth groups, or clubs. You will run your very own Pop Up Libraries (PULs) in your community on a schedule you create. We have books in the bins, but we need your boots on the ground. As a Pop Up Librarian, you’re a crucial part of increasing access to books for readers of all ages and from all walks of life.

You have complete freedom in scheduling and running your PULs and can partner with other organizations, groups, or businesses, if you’re so inclined. We supply you with all the books you need and help in any way we can, including using our networks to spread the word about your PULs.

Book Ark Managers

Pictured is Book Ark Manager Cassie outside of The Writer’s House in Camden, NJ. As a Book Ark Manager, you’re assigned an existing or built a new Book Ark at a location of your choosing and notify us when your Book Ark’s supply needs replenishing. Book Arks are permanent structures that make books accessible 24/7/365, rather than restricting our communities to PUL-only times.

Another Book Ark Manager, Sister Donna, reports, “Coming home and finding my Book Ark’s in need of books is a constant source of joy.” We supply the books; we build, install, and maintenance the structures themselves; and we’ll add your Book Ark to our comprehensive map.


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